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The first legs of the championship are now over! So, which team is doing best at the halfway point?


The end of the first round marks a turning point in the DOFUS World Series. All the teams have already gone up against one another, and Allister Zoo is the one who's leading the charge at the top of the championship. With the first series of return matches already played this Monday, the other teams only have 6 matches left to catch them up.    

Player of the Week: Eqohh

Before the championship started, several experts saw Free Bowisse as the favorites in the top 4. But things didn't work out quite as expected, getting off to a start full of highs and lows, then a series of difficult defeats that knocked the players' morale. 

But this week marks a return to form for the team with the pink cobbler. Behind by just 6 points in 6 matches, they doubled their total this weekend and ended up in 4th place, which is good enough to qualify for the semi-finals. 

We would like to give a special mention to Eqohh's performance, with his choice of Xelor, then Huppermage, two classes which require excellent mastery to work well. 

On Sunday, against Out of Control, he developed an advanced strategy with his team to set up a killer 3rd round.  With 20 AP, 10 MP, and all the power boosts of the World of Twelve behind him, his opponents didn't stand a chance! Very often forbidden when opposing Eqohh, we're not sure we'll see the Xelor class in his hands again between now and the end of the championship!

On Monday, his Huppermage played a large role in his team's convincing victory against xNrjx, notably including a turn where it crossed the whole map using several polarities, to almost single-handedly KO Beleking's Sram and lock Wiiwii's Sadida. 

So, all in all, an excellent week for Eqohh and his team, who will be the ones to watch in this second part of the championship. 

The Rankings

Currently divided into three very distinctive parts, the rankings mean that each game has a lot at stake.
In the Lead: At neck and neck for several days, the Allister Zoo (19 points) and M Bad Gones (18 points) teams are setting the pace, followed closely by TeamJbzz (15 points). While the latter can still be caught up, it's going to get more and more difficult to stop the top two teams from qualifying for the semi-finals. 
In the Middle of the Pack: In equal 4th and 5th place, with 12 points, are TCP CPT and  Free Bowisse. Both of these teams seemed to struggle to get into the swing of things, but appear to be much more at ease now. Behind them, Out of Control (10 points) is lying in wait, ready to take advantage of the slightest slip-up made by one of their competitors to enter the top 4. 
At the Bottom: Teams Cb4gang (6 points) and xNrjx (3 points) are at the bottom of the table at the moment. We did, however, see xNrjx's white wolf's first victory this Sunday, which could be the kickstart their tournament needs. We know from experience that the wolves are slow starters, but they always end up defeating their opponents by taking revenge on them one by one… #WinterIsComing

Coming Up

As they do every week, our team of dedicated streamers will be waiting for you at 19:00 (Paris Time) Sunday and Monday for live coverage of all the matches!

Sunday, 08/10:
  • 19:00 (Paris Time): ALLISTER ZOO vs TCP CPT
  • 20:00 (Paris Time): XNRJX vs M BAD GONES
  • 21:00 (Paris Time): CB4GANG vs OUT OF CONTROL
  • 22:00 (Paris Time): FREE BOWISSE vs TEAMJBZZ
Monday, 09/10:
  • 19:00 (Paris Time): XNRJX vs TEAMJBZZ
  • 20:00 (Paris Time): CB4GANG vs TCP CPT
  • 21:00 (Paris Time): M BAD GONES vs FREE BOWISSE
  • 22:00 (Paris Time): OUT OF CONTROL vs ALLISTER ZOO

Don't forget you can head to our e-Sport site for all the information on the championship, such as team sheets, the upcoming match schedule, past results, and the championship rankings updated live. You can also watch action replays of all the matches and draft phases played by each team, and see statistics such as the most-played classes per team and the number of opponents killed by each player during the competition!