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The DOFUS World Series handed down its verdict last week with Allister Zoo's victory over M Bad Gones! It's time to look back at this unforgettable competition!


The final had been eagerly awaited! Full of promise after a championship that the two teams had flown through, and semi-finals that were almost a straight shot, this face off between Allister Zoo and M Bad Gones promised to be the match of the year. And it didn't disappoint! 

Tale of an Unprecedented Event

It was 11:00 a.m. on Friday, November 3, and the DOFUS stand at Paris Games Week was already starting to be overrun. The community turned out in numbers for the event of the year: the DOFUS World Series final. While the spectators waited patiently for the hostilities to start, the players, commentators, hosts, and organizers were meeting to go over the on-stage choreography one last time. Players' entrances, breaks between matches, awarding of the cash prize and trophy – everything was gone over in detail so that the show would be a success. Time went by, and it was 1:00 p.m., time to go onstage to make sure everything was working properly for the players. That's when they discovered the audience waiting for them. 
The DOFUS Cup's attendance record (8,000 viewers) was beaten before the final even began, time was ticking and the show was ready to begin! Zouloux and Raven got onstage to warm up a crowd just asking for it, followed by the two teams, and the first commentators: Dofla and Feudalien. Everything was there. Let the fight begin! 

This first match set the tone for the final. For nearly 20 turns, the two teams gave the fight everything they had, and each time Aryane cast Corruption, Mounir squeaked by with only a few health points. But over the long haul, Allister Zoo came out on top. After the deaths of Sapeuh and Casore, the match finished as a 2vs2, but Aryane couldn't make it another turn and fell under Mounir's blows. 1-0 for Allister Zoo, and the final was underway!
If M Bad Gones didn't want to be behind 2-0 and have their backs against the wall, they needed to win this second match. To do so, they used a well-oiled strategy based on Sapeuh's famous network of traps. Allister Zoo were helpless and from the 3rd turn on, we watched Mounir's Foggernaut disappear, powerless, along with Irumi's voice. The score was tied, the crowd went wild, and M Bad Gones was still in it. 
On a roll, M Bad Gones came back on stage eager to drive it home, and once again surprised us all with an Earth/Fire Huppermage. But Allister Zoo wasn't going to take it lying down, and for the first time in the competition, used an Earth Ouginak that did wonders on the opposing team's low resistances. The battle went fast, as both teams had decided to go for the most damage. And, as is often the case when playing that particular game, M Bad Gones won. 2-1 for the lions: Allister's monkeys had no room for error. 
After such a defeat, it was difficult for Allister Zoo to go into the next match with confidence, particularly as the make up of both teams was similar to the previous match. However, the fight map and equipment chosen by the players were different, and the confrontation was completely different. This time, Allister Zoo was able to slow M Bad Gones's murderous rage and force their opponents into a fifth deciding match: 2-2.
One match. Just one match to determine the outcome of a final that had already become legendary. While Allister Zoo pulled out all the stops with a Xelor, M Bad Gones tried to lock it down with an Osamodas and Feca combination. It was a very close match from start to finish but, little by little, it became clear that the victory would go to Mounir, Casore, Ghettonateur and Gillebert's team. In the end, Boune was the first to fall on the battlefield, confirming Allister Zoo's final victory with a score of 3-2 in front of more than 17,000 viewers on the livestream.
Once again, we would like to congratulate both teams for the level of gameplay they showed during this final, giving us a show worthy of the event. Allister Zoo left with a check for €24,000 for the team and a miniature version of the DWS trophy for each player, while M Bad Gones didn't leave empty-handed, but with €12,000 in the team's pocket. 

DOFUS World Series Outcome – Summer Edition 2017

After three months of preparation, one month of qualifiers, seven weeks of the championship, and a week of finals, it's time to examine this first DWS season. And it won't take long because everything or almost everything was a success
Despite a few hiccups in some of the match results during the qualifiers, none of the rounds were canceled or rescheduled this time. Everything went off smoothly on match nights, and even though we are satisfied, we will continue to improve how the qualifiers are organized and function for next season. 
The largest new feature – the championship – did not disappoint. Admittedly, with the opening of a new DOFUS eSport site, the creation of logos and team information pages, and the hiring of a team of commentators for the event, everything was in place for a spectacular show. During all 14 days of the championships, DWS audiences stayed consistently in the French top 5 on Twitch, with an average of 4,000 and 4,500 viewers during matches. We were delighted to notice that you were glad to see these teams every week, and that little by little you were able to pick your favorites and follow their ups and downs as if you were part of the teams. 

And what is there to say about this marvelous, record-breaking final attended by more than 17,000 people live on Twitch? It was an all-time high for DOFUS. In all 13 years of the game's life, there had never been as many viewers on the platform at once before. These viewers pushed the final to the top of French Twitch channels, and what is more, to 4th place in the global rankings. Not to mention the crowd on site that created an unforgettable atmosphere throughout all five matches! We might as well say it: We are as eager as you are to do it again! 

So, What's Next?

We are already preparing for the DWS – Winter Edition 2018 along the same lines as this season. The qualifiers should start sometime in the end of January or beginning of February. We can't wait to see the best teams of this year again, along with new teams from the qualifiers for what is already looking like an exciting championship! We'll get back to you as soon as possible with more information on this subject so that you can gear up to challenge the teams already in place