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From November 28 to 30 (inclusive), treat yourself to the Casino Haven Bag and take a dance with Lady Luck! Available in the shop for 3,500 Ogrines, it'll keep you buzzing for hours without drinking a single drop of fermented bamboo milk! 


Perhaps you've always dreamed of visiting Ecaflip City, but didn't want to be scolded by your Enutrofinancial Advisor. So how about bringing Ecaflip City to you? 

From November 28 to 30 (inclusive), the shop is having a Flash Sale on the Casino Haven Bagpick it up for 3,500 Ogrines! *

Kama slots, a blackjack table, chess, roulette, and much more. It's enough to make the Ecaflips flip their lids… and drive the Enutrofs crazy! Everyone else is sure to have a blast too. 

So don't miss out! 

* Compatible with mono-account servers