The Brotherhood of the Forgotten, these sons and daughters of Gods, are sowing discord all over the World of Twelve. They even raised an army straight from the grave in order to dethrone their parents! To help the Twelvians face this new threat, the Gods are more present than ever. This is the occasion for you to learn all about them!

Nothing's right anymore in the Krosmoz, ever since the Brotherhood of the Forgotten has decided to rebel! Thankfully, the Twelve still have some tricks they can play...

Feca is the goddess of protection. Armed with her shield, she does everything she can to protect her disciples from the many dangers of the Krosmoz! They in turn watch tirelessly over their nearest and dearest friends such as the Gobballs that once made up these shepherds' flocks.

Coup fatal Feca
These born protectors never hesitate to stand between defenseless creatures and malicious attackers. Today, this benevolence flows through the veins of 47,341 Bontarians and 30,905 Brakmarians.

Fecas also apply this tenacity to the ultimate quest shared by all adventurers: collecting the five precious Dofus. And that tenacity has paid off for 191 adventurers!

With such a propensity to help others, it's not surprising that Eniripsas are glad to fight alongside them. Their shepherd past also causes them to share the Osamodas' empathy for the creatures in the World of Twelve.

Not only are Snoowden, Clad-Zack and Luffy-Monkey among these kindhearted adventurers, but they have also and above all attained the highest Ω levels!

Eniripsa is the goddess of healing who knows how to heal with a single word. Her disciples use the power of speech to either ease their allies' suffering or wound their enemies. Coup fatal Eniripsa

Today, 74,293 Bontarians and 49,379 Brakmarians share this gift of gab! But make no mistake: Eniripsas don't spend their days gossiping. When it's time for action, the talking stops! The proof is in the pudding: No less than 484 of them have already managed to collect the World of Twelve's five precious dragon eggs!  

When they are not fighting alongside Fecas, Eniripsas especially enjoy the company of Iops, Ouginaks, and even Sacriers. Indeed, these barbaric warriors rain down wounds and other cuts to bandage – something the goddess of healing always loves doing!

Today, Tigre-Iris, Ootropik and Jeremy-heal are the three healers with the highest Ω levels!

That's right: Fecas and Eniripsas have solid arguments to jump into the fray!

And while we're here, a little reminder: if you gather the 12 Fatal Blows before midnight on December 31st, 2017, you will receive the Rushu Fatal Blow for free!