The Brotherhood of the Forgotten, these sons and daughters of Gods, are sowing discord all over the World of Twelve. They even raised an army straight from the grave in order to dethrone their parents! To help the Twelvians face this new threat, the Gods are more present than ever. This is the occasion for you to learn all about them!

Nothing's right anymore in the Krosmoz, ever since the Brotherhood of the Forgotten has decided to rebel! Thankfully, the Twelve still have some tricks they can play...

Osamodas is the god of creatures in the World of Twelve and elsewhere. The roaring sound of a galloping herd of Minotorors doesn't intimidate his disciples in the slightest. The shrill cry of Kwaks doesn't annoy them at all. And they do not shiver when the Boowolves howl.

Osamodas' strong empathy for natural creatures gives them an animal side, which is what makes them so charming and so dangerous. Today, 81,401 Bontarians and 63,826 Brakmarians have joined this community that Rigide Barjo loves so dearly.

And yet, their love for animals does not stop them from stealing others' eggs for their own personal glory! Thus, 158 of them have already gotten their hands on the five Dofus, those precious dragon eggs that give immense power to their owners.

Like the divinities Sram, Ecaflip and Sadida, Osamodas divides his disciples to better rule them! The Foggernauts, those explorers of the depths with their cutting-edge technology, have also pledged their allegiance to the god who took the name of Oktapodas for the occasion.

18,144 Bontarians and 14,412 Brakmarians have let themselves ride this tide, which has led 67 of them to the five Dofus!
Osamodas and Foggernauts alike promote peace. It's not surprising, then, that they get along so well with Eniripsas and Fecas, those protectors at heart. Sadidas, with their ability to communicate with the Krosmic flora and fauna, are also favored allies.

Jeremy-stral, San-Esteban and Mr-Alex are the three Osamodas with the highest Ω levels, as are Saeouiik, Gw-Family and Lizkeen among the Foggernauts.


Pandawa is the goddess of drink. Thanks to a liqueur of her own creation, fermented Bamboo Milk, she inebriates her disciples and shows them the path of Pandawushu! They draw their strength from this drunkenness, and use it to bring their enemies down… or party until the sun comes up!

Today, 37,438 Bontarians and 26,943 Brakmarians hang on this goddess's lips. Having fallen into her magic potion at birth, some 548 of them have successfully acquired the five Dofus in the game!

Let's be blunt: Because of their penchant for drink, Pandawas are a festive lot. Masqueraiders, Srams and Rogues with their dark and gloomy side enjoy their company when it lets them take life less seriously! Ecaflips, gamblers and partiers themselves, also appreciate these companions who are as ready to roll the dice as they are to knock back another round!

Sylla-yk, Jeremy-alcool and Ootropik-Oleur are the three Pandawas who have managed to climb – or perhaps we should say "stagger" – to the very top of the Ω levels! Okay, they don't remember it, but still…

That's right: Osamodas, Foggernauts and Pandawas have solid arguments to jump into the fray!

And while we're here, a little reminder: if you gather the 12 Fatal Blows before midnight on December 31st, 2017, you will receive the Rushu Fatal Blow for free!