From January 30 to February 2nd, let out a growl to be heard across the World of Twelve with the Rabid emote! Take advantage of this flash sale to buy it from the Shop for 5,000 ogrines. Passing this up will make you furious with yourself!

From today until February 02 at 11:59 p.m. CET, there's a flash sale in the Shop on the Ouginak emote "Rabid" at the price of 5,000 ogrines.

It'll rouse your inner watchdog and make others tremble before you! Become a ferocious beast, stomp your feet and bare your razor-sharp teeth. You'll be more imposing than a Boowerewolf and much less cutesy than a Bow Wow, causing Bow Meows and the bravest warriors alike to scamper!

This item is compatible with single account servers. Don't miss out!