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In 2017, the servers came together. In 2018, they're gonna be all over each other! It started with the first trial of the Hyrkulympiads, and it'll continue with the next challenge: Causing as many mount couplings as possible in three days! There's no doubt about it: Saint Ballotwine is the season of love!

You thought it was enough to have strong arms for these Hyrkulympiads to win? Big mistake! A fighter worthy of the name also knows how to use their head… and their little heart! The server that counts up the most mount couplings (Dragoturkeys, Seemyools) between 0:01 a.m. (CET) on Friday, February 16, and 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, February 18 will win this second trial. Oh yes! More than ever, you'll have to make sure love catches on!

At the outcome of this trial, we'll obtain a ranking by server calculated depending on the number of active players per server over this period. It should be noted that each coupling provides the same number of points, no matter what generation the mount is.

The first three will win a reward on the scale of their server and points for the general ranking (all trials included) in order to determine which is the best server when you consult it. You'll have to wait for the final trial to designate the best server of the year. But until then, anything could happen!

Reward for the Second Trial

  • Bonus of an extra baby for every birth for:
    • 3 days for the 1st server (from February 23 to 25)
    • 2 days for the 2nd server (on February 24 and 25)
    • 1 day for the 3rd server (on February 24)
  • Between 1 and 16 points distributed as follows:
    • 16 points for the 1st server
    • 15 points for the 2nd server
    • 14 points for the 3rd server
    • …and so on, down to…
    • 1 points for the 16th server

It should be noted that special servers (Epic, Heroic, and Single Account) that manage to reach the top five of this trial will win the same bonuses as the 1st server.


Remember that the server Ush is currently at the top after the first trial, followed by Julith and Brumen. All three have shown their dungeon prowess; now let's see how they do with livestock! At the outcome of the 12 trials, the three best servers will receive a reward worthy of their efforts, but Hyrkul is keeping it under wraps…

* Paris time, i.e. GMT+1.