As announced in Gamakna #5, the city of Astrub will be undergoing a total restoration. That includes design, accessibility, quests and more. Get the initial details below!

We asked Mary Pumpkins and Halden, both of whom are heavily involved in the revamp of the City of Mercenaries, to give us their impressions.


By Mary Pumpkins – Lead LD

The level design for the Astrub revamp is mainly focused on reducing the size of the city and clearing up navigation through the various areas.

Astrub Zaap

The city center will now group all the most frequented elements (Market, bank, Zaap, etc.) over a very small number of maps; this sector will serve as a hub, distributing players to the outer areas.

The Suburbs, constituting the rest of the city, will contain workshops and other points of interest.

Field routes

Also in the interest of simplifying things, we decided to trace large routes through the areas, leading to the four cardinal points (Tainela, Pandala, Amakna and Almanax).

The World of Twelve does lack land routes indicating the way to particular areas. It's possible this work started on Astrub will be extended to the rest of the continent.


By Halden – Game designer

Young souls from Incarnam were being offered plenty of quests on arriving in Astrub… perhaps a few too many. We've lowered the number of quests to keep beginners from getting discouraged by the scale of the task.

After exhausting several generations of heroes, Guti Outsider and Kry Babby are bowing out… Not to worry, fans of picturesque adventuring: you'll get to discover many all-new quests, along with existing quests that will be revisited to better suit the new version of the City of Mercenaries.

Astrub Inn

If you haven't tired of tracking the Bearman to his lair, or if you live to clean up Kerub's place, rest assured: you'll still get to indulge in your passions!

And if you successfully complete all the achievements related to Astrub, you'll win a special prize… the Silver Dofus!

This year, the city founded by Brutas is beginning a new chapter… Will you be part of the story?

Alchemists' Workshop