The aura of Saint Ballotwine still hangs in the air of the Krosmoz, and that hopeless romantic Duf continues to spread his influence here and there… Spread the word: February is definitely the month of crushes and romance! It's the perfect occasion to talk to you about two couples who met out of love… of the game, in this case!

Ssaditou and Mizzz, and Dazz and Enemy aren't like typical couples… And for good reason: It's their love of DOFUS and WAKFU that binds them (but not just that, rest assured!). Whether their first taste of adventure was in the World of Twelve or love itself, these inveterate players are, like Evangelyne and Percedal, big lovers of the Krosmoz… We met them, and they told us (almost) everything! Discover their story in this video.