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On Tuesday, March 13th, we will merge the single-account servers as a way of maintaining a high-quality gaming experience. Find out everything about this merger right here.

To cope with the massive influx of players when the single-account servers opened, we opened several servers during the first days the new game mode came to life. The frenzy of the first few months is behind us now, and in order to maintain a comfortable gaming experience, a merger of the single-account servers will take place.

Merger Scheduled for March 13, 2018

All naming rules used in previous mergers will apply.

The free transfer page is disabled, it is no longer possible to cancel transfers that have been validated. For this reason, all transfers to the classic servers scheduled for Tuesday 03/06 will be canceled. You will be able to transfer again and free of charge if you wish by reserving (after the merger) a transfer so that it will be done on Tuesday 03/20.

How to Prepare Yourself for the Single-Account Server Merger on March 13

You do not need to do anything special to get ready for it. Our staff will take care of transferring all your mounts, alliances, guilds, inventories, characters, houses, and banks to a single location. However, we must emphasize some points:

  • All Alliance Prisms will be deleted when the servers are merged. Be very careful, because any Nuggets stored on these Prisms will be destroyed during the merger. Make sure you have gathered all yours before maintenance starts!
  • As a precaution, we advise you to not delete any characters during the week before the merger, so basically starting from now.

The information regarding traditional-server mergers contained in this devblog remains valid.

During this merger, waiting lists may be implemented to make the process of characters arriving in the single-account game mode smoother.

Easing of Restrictions on Families

We're also going to ease IP-related restrictions and allow two players who share the same IP to play together (if they both comply with each of the other criteria, namely a different phone number, different email address, etc.) so that players who are now on the same server following the merger can continue to play.

This is a decision we have considered carefully; it is a departure from the principle behind the server, but we are relying on our players and our mod team to immediately report any attempts to get around this easing of restrictions.

Multiple account abuse on this type of server is considered cheating and will be penalized. All other means of checks allowing us to detect players abusing multiple accounts will remain active.

Single-Account Servers' Shop

The shop, will be available on March. 6th. You will be able to get all the items currently in the shop.

There are no changes to the Kama Exchange, which will also remain available.