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Get a preview of what we're working on behind the scenes of the DOFUS game.

As you may already have read in the devblog about our overhaul of Astrub, we wanted to significantly reduce the city's size in 2.46 to make it easier for new players to get around town.

But what's going to happen to the houses?

The city of Astrub as you currently know it contains no fewer than 74 homes. As we reduce the number of maps that make up the city, we've also had to reduce the number of houses.

But rest assured, Astrub homeowners – no one will be getting thrown out on the street!

Just as we've already been doing with server fusions, we will distribute the houses across multiple instances so that every owner can have an equivalent property to what they had before the update: house size, number of rooms, number of chests, etc.

All houses will now be located within a radius of 6 maps around the zaap.

More comfortable interiors

The house interiors will also be redesigned to ensure visual consistency with the city's new appearance. We have tried to preserve the essence of the existing houses – by maintaining certain decorative elements like stoves and clocks, for example – while also modernizing the interiors and introducing more sophisticated themes than in older Astrub houses.

Casa grande
Tiny Asturbian townhouse
Small Asturbian townhouse
Casa grande
Medium-seized Asturbian townhouse
Large Asturbian townhouse