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This week, [Briss] Game designer answer your question about the relation between pets and mounts.

Are you planning to balance pets in relation to mounts?

This is something we've been considering for a while. We'd like it to be a viable choice to play a pet rather than a mount. There are several ways we could improve the situation, for example by providing an exclusive bonus for pets to set them apart from mounts. But whatever solution we come up with, we have to work within the confines of the pet system, which is quite old and wasn't designed to be able to change. So that prevents us from really making progress on this issue. For example, if we make changes to a pet, there's no way to retroactively modify old pets so that they get the new values (unless it's a pet that doesn't evolve, such as the Kwak).

This lack of flexibility makes it very hard for us to improve existing pets without entirely updating the pet system: the way they evolve and the bonuses they provide. What we've decided to do for now is balance pets in relation to each other as much as we can, taking into account that they, unlike mounts, can be equipped at any time and are therefore potentially more useful in certain gameplay contexts.

That's not to say we are satisfied with that situation – we'd still like to allow the pet system to grow, but this will require major development that isn't currently planned.