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It's already been 8 weeks since the Hyrkulympiads began! 12 months = 12 trials to determine the best server of the year. From March 16 to 18 inclusive and while Saint Potrick is going on, a seasonally-inspired trial awaits you in Pandala!

The Hyrkulympiads continue! The famed Brakmarian warrior fire has lent its name to this series of community trials that will determine the 16 best existing servers. 16 total points are to be distributed:

  • 16 for the top ranking server
  • 15 for the second best server
  • 14 for the third server
  • And so on, until up to 1 point for the server that comes in last.

After an initial trial in which you had to make the Wa Wabbit, Royal Gobball, Queen of Thieves, and other royals of the World of Twelve eat their title, we then asked you to put love to the test by making as many mounts mate as you could. Naturally, it drove you nuts! For this third trial/challenge, you'll have to complete as many Pandala dungeons as you can, but for a dungeon to be counted, its guardian will need to be defeated by an eight-player team!

Please note: A character can only be counted once per dungeon. That means you'll have to get organized and help each other out so that as many different characters as possible complete it.

Each boss will get a certain number of points based on their difficulty (the results will be calculated depending on the active server population during the period.):

  • Peki Peki: 150 points
  • Tanukouï San: 130 points
  • Pandora Master: 120 points
  • Daggero: 80 points
  • Bulbig Brotha: 50 points

Besides winning points for their server's ranking, the three winners will see their bonuses during successful challenges go up, lasting from March 23rd to 25th included. They will increase by 100% for the top server, 75% for the second best, and by 50% for the third.

You have from Friday 16th at 00:01 a.m. CET to Sunday, March 18th at 23:59 p.m. CET to compete in this challenge!

Finally, let's take a look at the current rankings

Nice stability from the 3 leading servers Ush, Julith and Brumen. Ush, however, concedes the first place to Julith. Nice rise of the Pandora and Nidas servers, while the  single-account servers and Crocabulia fall down several places, but the battle is still raging and promises great twists in upcoming events!