Between the arrival of the 2.46 update and the latest announcements, a little recap on the dates of upcoming events in your DOFUS game seems necessary. Get ready!

The City of Mercenaries

The 2.46 update will be released this Wednesday, March 28th. You will find all the content mentioned in the last Gamakna, among others:

  • The Astrub overhaul and many new quests.
  • Improvements of all kinds that will include:

    • the encyclopedia

    • the marketplaces

    • the professions

    • Etc.

For more information, you will have access to the 2.46 update page tomorrow.

Please note that there will be no weekly maintenance this Tuesday, March 27.

As a result, all character transfers to another account and to another server (that are currently on hold) will take place on Wednesday, March 28th.


The Magical Orb included in the subscription ... as of now!

Surprise! As we want to make you happy, we decided to bring forward to today the arrival of the Magical Orb in the subscription!

Thanks to the Magical Orb included in the subscription:

  • You will have more flexibility ingame, both in PvM and PvP. The possibility of changing one’s characteristics during the placement period will be added a little later.

  • We have thought of everything: as soon as the 2.46 update is released, the ensemble system will be available. It has been built to give you more autonomy and to help you better organize your characteristics and equipment.



Players with an active orb will be regularized based on update 2.46. This means that we will reimburse in Ogrines only people with orbs which are active at the launch of update 2.46.

The number of days remaining is therefore calculated starting at the update 2.46’s implementation.

If you have a Magical Orb of 7 days:

  • If you have 4 days left or more: we will refund the whole Magical Orb in Ogrines.
  • If you have less than 4 days left: we will refund half of the value in Ogrines.

You have a 30-day Magical Orb:

  • If you have 15 days left or more: we will refund the whole Magical Orb in Ogrines
  • If you have less than 15 days left: we will refund half of the value in Ogrines

Are you ready? See you soon discovering the new update 2.46!