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You are an experienced player, an accomplished adventurer… Wait! What am I saying? You are a hero! Your noob days when you walked the World of Twelve for the first time are far behind you. But what if the Temporis server was your opportunity to re-live your adventure, with today's experience?

Imagine a brand new server, all fresh and innocent: the black diamond slopes of the World of Twelve, where you are the first to glide through the powder! All those glorious firsts are yours: first resources, first dungeons, first bosses, and first kamas! The Temporis server is all that: a whirlwind of newness and rediscovery.

The Temporis server will open its doors from April 25th to July 31st.

That's how much time you'll have to rush as never before! For the first time ever in DOFUS, live rankings will let you measure your experience, and that of your friends, your guild and other players. And rewards will be waiting in the end.

Ready for this new conquest?




Why recreate a version of a single-account server?

The single-account server experience was very interesting, and made us want to continue in a new format. With update 2.46, we took into account the importance of immersion at the start of the game, and to this end, we simplified the quests and overhauled the game mechanics to make them more dynamic. Similarly, the profession recipes early in the game have been simplified to make equipment more accessible.

For the most nostalgic, the aim was also to rediscover this feeling of freshness and conquering a new "territory", and emphasize the cooperative aspect at the early stages of every MMORPG. We hope that it will give you a lot of pleasure, especially in groups, playing with your friends, guilds, and alliances. You'll need to cooperate if you want to win these rewards: 

You'll have to reach an achievement level of 2,000 points to unlock the cape and 5,000 points to unlock the hat. And those of you who reach an achievement level of 10,000 points will win an exclusive title. Rewards will be distributed after the server is closed when we are certain of the final results.

For the most competitive among you, a ranking – or leaderboard – will be updated live and take into account several categories: the first player to defeat a boss, achievements, professions, etc.

How is it different from the classic servers?

The difference is that the Temporis server will come to an end. You will, however, be able to transfer your character(s) to the classic servers starting on July 31st. A post to this effect will be published on the website to explain the transfers in detail.

What language will the server use?

All communities can take part.

And what about the economic model?

Players who preregister can access the Temporis server for free for 7 days when it opens. This access is specific to this server, and does not include the classic servers. Players who do not preregister and want to play on the Temporis server when it opens will need to have a subscription to access it.

The shop will be available, but limited to only cosmetic objects and certain services.

Will this server have a Kama Exchange?

The server will not have a Kama Exchange (a.k.a. KE) during its lifetime.

Are are the restrictions linked to the TEMPORIS server?

The Temporis server followes the same rules as the single account servers. More information here: access conditions.

How can I play on the Temporis server?

Click on the link below to go to the preregistration page to ensure priority access to the servers.

There, you can:

  • choose your class and gender,
  • reserve your character's nickname, and
  • invite your friends to join you.

Once the Temporis server is open, you can go there and all you'll need to do is customize your character (colors, face, etc.).

You can then keep track of your ranking and that of your friends and guild on the leaderboard.

The TEMPORIS server will open its doors from April 25 to July 31.