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It's been a while, but the most exclusive guild in DOFUS is once again looking for new members!



From the 27th of April to the 11th of May, we invite you to take part in our recruitment campaign to join the Moderation team. A brand new experience awaits you! Be aware, being a Moderator is not a position for everyone! Our mod application process is extremely demanding: our standards are high and the process will test you on multiple levels, as well as question you on the principles of fairness, professionalism, and helpfulness. Only the most dedicated, the most knowledgeable, and the most mature should apply.


Good command of the English language.

One thing's for sure: we don't want our Moderators talking like a bunch of Bworks! You must be able to express yourself in clear, understandable English. Applicants who are fluent in other languages are a plus!

Age 18 and up.

Being a Moderator involves lots of discipline, maturity and communication skills, which is why we impose this age restriction. If you haven't turned 18 yet and you really want to be a Moderator, you'll have to be patient and try again later!

Solid knowledge and understanding of DOFUS and its rules.

Moderators are regularly faced with various questions relating to the game, so you have to be able to answer them accurately to guide players as effectively as possible. And after all, to ensure that the rules are being respected, you obviously need to know the rules yourself!

Knowledge of Google tools (gmail, drive, docs, etc), Twitter, and Discord.

As part of your day to day tasks, you will need to utilize a variety of tools in order to communicate with the rest of the team as well as with players.

How to apply?

So you have decided that being a DOFUS Moderator is something you are interested in and you feel as if the requirements were written thinking of you? Then all you need to do is apply and convince us! You have until Friday the 11th of May (11:59 p.m. CEST) to submit your application form.

Take your time, be as precise as possible, but be sure to show us your personality too. ;)

Candidates selected for the second phase will be contacted by Ankabox during the month of May. Please be aware that moderator positions are limited, and although many could apply, only a few will be chosen!

Please note that anonymity is key: do not tell your friends and or guildies that you are applying as this could be grounds for disqualifying an application.

Good luck!

NOTE: a gmail email address is needed to access the form.