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The 12 Labors of Hyrkul are going a step further. April showers brought May flowers, and now you'll need to bring it! You'll have to be resourceful for your server to take home the 2018 title! From Friday, May 18 through Sunday May, 20, it's time to reap what you didn't sow.

It's the fifth month of the year and the fifth challenge in the race to the title of best server of 2018! And this time, raids are in the air. Alchemists, lumberjacks, farmers, and fishermen will be in charge of harvesting a maximum of resources, which will inevitably provoke their protectors into defending those resources.
The goal of the May challenge is to combat as many resource protectors as possible between Friday, May 18 (0:01 a.m. CET) and Sunday, May 20 (11:59 p.m. CET)!


At the end of the challenge, winnings will be distributed as server-wide rewards (handed out on specific dates depending on the rankings), and as points in the overall rankings.


XP will be doubled for professions during the following periods

  • May 25 through 27 for server in 1st place
  • May 26 and 27 for the server in 2nd place
  • May 27 for the server in 3rd place


At the end of the challenge, all the servers will receive points as follows:

  • 16 points for the server in 1st place,
  • 15 points for the server in 2nd place,
  • 14 points for the server in 3rd place,
  • and so on, down to 1 point for the server in 16th place.

Specific servers

If the Heroic, Epic and Single-Account servers reach the top 5 in this challenge, they'll receive the same bonus as the server in 1st place.

Please note that the Temporis Servers will not be compatible with the event.

Overall Ranking

Ombre is continuing its brilliant rise, but its 9th place position doesn't yet worry the trio in the lead, far ahead of the 4th place server.


1st Julith – 62 points (=)

2nd Ush – 61 points (-1)

3rd Brumen – 57 points (=)

4th Pandore – 44 points (+1)

5th Nidas – 40 points (-1)

6th Meriana – 38 points (=)

7th Echo – 38 points (+1)

8th Ilyzaelle – 35 points (=)

9th Ombre – 32 points (+4)

10th Crocabulia – 27 points (-1)

11th Merkator – 26 points (-2)

12th Furye – 24 points (-1)

13th Agride – 23 points (-2)

14th Rubilax – 18 points (=)

15th Atcham – 10 points (=)

16th Oto Mustam – 9 points (-1)