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The inns around the World of Twelve have been celebrating Echo’s anniversary; beer has been flowing, kegs emptied, discarded cocalane bottles found next to drained vodkawa flasks… rumour has it that you can even get your hands on some bootleg corktails if you are happy to loosen your purse strings.

Commerce has been booming! To meet the demand of their merry customers, business owners increased their orders - to the delight of Pandala and Frigost suppliers: kegs, bamboo, ice, cereal… a win-win situation resulting in a lot of commotion, last minute trips and midnight raids, not always respecting rules imposed by the authorities… Large ice blocks were being cut out left, right, and centre from all Frigost areas. The greed was such that nobody noticed that the ice blocks cargo brought to Amakna didn’t contain just ice…

The Monster Mash is a weekend where we invite everyone on Echo to rub elbows in Amakna and fight off a monster invasion!
While you're out there in Amakna this weekend, invite someone you don't know yet to join your group, help a newbie get a level, or just say "hi" to the other people you run into. There'll be plenty of monsters for everyone, it's ok to relax and share!

You get to decide which monster family to fight in Amakna.
You can vote for Bearbarians, Fangs of Glass Monsters, or Petrified Forest Monsters. Please be aware that there will be NO BOSS SPAWNS roaming free. Also, whichever family you vote for, albeit terrifying, will need some time to adjust to the warm continental temperatures… so if you run past them, do not worry: they won’t aggress you.

You can cast your vote here until Friday, May 18th, 10 am CEST. The most voted for monsters will be spawning in Amakna all weekend, until the weekly maintenance on Tuesday, May 22nd.