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On May 19th, the teams Out of Control and GamersOrigin faced off in the DOFUS World Series final. For the second time in as many seasons, Mounir, Gillebert, Ghettonateur, and Casore have earned the trophy!


Despite a significant launch delay, the DOFUS World Series final kept all its promises. The highly-anticipated battle between the very aggressive players of Out of Control and the reigning champions of GamersOrigin (formerly known as Allister Zoo) provided all with a great show, both on site and online.

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A Very Close Final

The first match of the final could have been quite slow-paced, given that neither side was getting worn down, but such was not the case. Despite there being a Feca and an Osamodas on the GamersOrigin team, Out of Control didn't give their opponents a chance to breathe, keeping the pressure on at all times. Uxii's Eliotrope worked wonders as usual, up until Mounir's death, which signaled the end of the match. 1-0 with Out of Control in the lead.

Match 1

GamersOrigin is often described as a defensive team, but they proved everyone wrong in the second match, with a Sacrier/Iop/Ecaflip lineup focused entirely on dealing damage. While everyone expected that Firewave's Earth Ouginak would give Out of Control a clear advantage, Casore's Sacrier – with over 1,000 extra power and a 30% bonus to final damage – dashed the hopes of Powena and his teammates, taking him out in a single turn! The two teams are tied at 1-1.

Match 2

The six players entered the arena for match number 3, crucial for the remainder of the showdown. During the first five turns of the fight, as in the previous match, Out of Control had a clear lead, and Mounir was fast approaching death. But using a well-prepared combo of Fate of Ecaflip and Voodoo Curse, GamersOrigin managed to finish off Uxii's Pandawa. 2-1 for the defending champions.

Match 3

Although the classes chosen in the fourth match were the same as in the second match, players swapped out equipment. For GamersOrigin, it was goodbye to the damage-dealing Sacrier, hello to the Sacrier tank. Meanwhile, Out of Control replaced their Earth Ouginak with an Air Ouginak. The match was now very close, and the two players with the spotlight on them, Firewave and Gillebert, were both nearly dead. After surviving with a few hundred HP, Gillebert himself ultimately took down Firewave, thereby securing a win for GamersOrigin in this final!

Match 4

We can congratulate both teams on the level of play they demonstrated in this event, even through their fatigue! All four members of GamersOrigin are walking away with a mini DWS trophy, along with a cash prize of over €24,000. It's a double win for them, following their victory in the first season of the DWS. And the players from Out of Control won't go home empty-handed, as they'll be sharing a €12,000 prize.

Recap: Dofus World Series – Winter Edition 2018

After a memorable first season, the DOFUS World Series returned this winter to confirm the enthusiasm for the new format of DOFUS eSports introduced in 2017, as well as its smooth operation.

The big new feature of the season was the automation of matches during qualifiers. Despite round 2 being canceled (due to a problem unrelated to the system), this new system made things much more convenient for players and organizers alike, as match sheets have been removed. We're very happy with how it has worked, and it will help reduce the negative impact of a team's absence next season, among other things.

In terms of spectators, the championship and the finals continue to generate higher numbers of viewers on Twitch each day of the DWS. We made some improvements to the show this season, and for next season, we'll continue thinking of new ways to make it fun for you to watch the DOFUS World Series.

While technical issues unfortunately prevented a large portion of the public from seeing the final, we note that almost all 700 seats were filled before the show had even begun. We can only thank you for coming out in such big numbers, with the good cheer and the vibes you always bring to Ankama events.

In wrapping up, we have to thank all the contributors, without which a competition like this could not exist:

Pour conclure, nous n’oublions pas de remercier tous les intervenants qui permettent l’existence d’une telle compétition :

  • Twitch for being with us throughout the entire season.
  • JoL DOFUS for their betting competition that they updated for the occasion, an activity that made the nightly championship matches even more suspenseful.
  • The two contributors who came to help out our webcast team this season: Kokoshow and Huz!
  • The unofficial streams of the qualifiers, with a shout-out to OneShot, whose good spirit we'll miss in future seasons.
  • The volunteers who refereed the qualifiers in February.
  • And of course, all the teams, who train intensively to put on a good show for us every weekend, full of shocks and twists!

Check back in with us in June for initial info about the upcoming season. You may just be the next champions of the DWS – Summer Edition 2018!