The secret is out: the Stubbyobs, those hairy little creatures, are here. If you don't fear the wrath of these vicious little creatures and if you like bearded ladies, boot up the game right now and test beta 2.47!


They've kept a low profile up to this point probably because of, fittingly, their size. Today, they've arrived armed with their hammers and long flamboyant beards. Their belligerence and lack of patience make them fearsome warriors who get angry just about anything. But, why are they so mean?

To find out, come and join us in-game right now!

In beta 2.47, you'll find:

  • The Kingdom of Freezammer, ruled by King Dazahk, whose poor humor and irritability are unequaled... Tankanvils, Rokrushers, Warmonbeers, Beardrammers and Gobyobs are seething at the thought of fighting! So, don't let them down!
  • This beta has also given us the opportunity to get to overhauling the mount breeding system. For more information, we invite you to read the devblog about it.
  • We have also come up with a new mount that we'll let you discover in the beta... Exciting, isn't it?

But before you head on over to the Stubbyobs to chill their action, why not adopt a little dracolyte? Things are going to heat up for Frigost anyway...