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Here is a transcript of the latest Ankama Live, where Raven (FR CM) and Briss (Dofus Game Designer) discussed and explored the main points of the upcoming 2.47 update.


2018 calendar

Class balancing, Matchmaking dungeon and Ebony Dofus will not be included in the June update. We understand these two are very important to the players (they are important to us too). As Tot announced in his blog, part of the Dofus staff was moved to Dofus Dungeons and, as a result, content originally planned for this update ended up being pushed back. 




Location - Why pick Frigost, a zone already rich with content?

There are 7 Stubbyob clans:
  • 1 on Cania (Dofus Touch and Krosmaga)
  • 1 on Sidimote (was focused a lot on during the 2017 content release)
  • 1 Koalak (new graphic components needed)
  • 1 Amakna (new graphic components needed)
  • 2x on Frigost
We didn’t want to follow in the steps of Dofus Touch and Krosmaga; for Dofus, we wanted something different. We originally wanted to put them on the Koalak Mountain, but the graphics are a bit dated and it was difficult to make something new (and pretty) whilst maintaining the same graphic quality the game has provided thus far, in terms of new content.
We chose Frigost because it is a very rich area, with plenty of background/decoration items, allowing us to create new and eye-filling content, without seeming repetitive compared to what is already in place.


The area's entrance can be found between the Petrified Forest and the Fangs of Glass. In order to access this area, players will need to have defeated Korriander. Inside, a big door gives access to the Stubbyob area. One cannot go through until a quest is completed (one quest quite accessible in terms of difficulty).


It is a level 200 area – same difficulty level as Frigost 3.


  • They have one high damaging spell (they have other spells: AP removal, pushback, gravity state, etc)
  • If they can’t attack a player, they get angry/frustrated/impatient, and their damage increases (for some other monsters, it will unlock a new spell)
  • Dungeon specific monster: “Tanklume” (to be changed to its English name):
    • Swaps places with its allies; each time it does so, it gains shield points, making him “tankier”.
    • Its based HP is higher than its allies but doesn’t hurt as much.
    • You have to wait three turns before being able to deal damage to it.
    • If it reaches 3 levels of “impatience”, it will teleport enemies next to him and become unmovable.
    • It is deemed one of the more dangerous monsters of the dungeon, even though it doesn’t deal a lot of damage.
  • BOSS:

    • Has 100%+ resistances on everything.
    • If it reaches three levels of “impatience” (if it cannot deal damage to a player for a couple of turns), players will have two turns to move it as much as possible, as for every time it is moved it will lose 5% resistance (infinite loss). This movement mechanic includes attraction, transposition, etc.
    • If it suffers pushback damage, the boss will regain resistances.
    • Only hits in melee range.
    • Applies erosion.
    • Achievements:
      • First
      • Freedom

What better than a brewery for a dungeon fight?
You fight, you eat, and drink all at the same time. It is perfect for dwarfs!


Three new sets are introduced to the game, as well as a new bow (5 AP, linear restriction, 5 to 10 range).


The third set is a bit special: it gives the same set bonus whether you equip three or four items. It is a four-item set but the maximum set bonus is obtained after equipping three of the four items. This gives you the freedom to choose which three items of the set you wish to equip and still get the maximum set bonus.


Heroic server

While more changes to the Heroic server will be mentioned in the 2.47 changeblog, we felt the following two modifications were worth a mention:

  1. All characters can now access conquest villages (like Fire Pandala, for example), but only those belonging to the alliance that controls the area can attack monsters, collect resources, and access/exit via teleportation. 
  2. A character can now attack another character at any level, as long as he is not more than 50 levels below his target, whatever the mode of attack. However, when a territory is in 'King of the Hill' mode, the minimum level to participate and count towards the "controlling" of maps is maintained at 50.


The global objective is to go back to a healthier breeding system, and limit certain habits that we have encouraged for a very long time (wrongly!) by increasing the size of paddocks, of the shed,  adapt filters in the paddock interface - which are good changes but left the door wide open for a massive dragoturkey production that today results in astronomical characteristic scrolls.

Less Dragoturkeys will be increase the price of scrolls, resulting in breeders needing to breed less mounts for a similar result. It will take time. We don't know just yet how long it will take to get rid of the surplus that has been generated over the last years.

(The details of the changes, as well as the questions, discussed during the live were covered in the dedicated devblog and its recently published FAQs)

Breeding items

  • Reviewed breeding items with the least resistance.
  • Recipes were also reviewed:
    • reduce the number of resources (in terms of quantities per resource needed).
    • increase the diversity of resources needed.
    • ensure Boss resources (for the Boss Essence) would be the limited item of a recipe. 

Mount specialization

Each mount species will now have specific bonuses:
  • Dragoturkeys - vitality (all Dragoturkeys will give 300 Vitality at level 100)
  • Seemyools - MP bonus (exclusively)
  • New mounts - a specific bonus that we will let you discover.

The Dragoturkey characteristic bonuses (linked to their colour) were also reviewed. For example:
  • Scenarios of bonus combinations
    • Almond - 1500 initiative + 300 vitality & Ebony - 300 vitality + 100 agility. Upon breeding these two together, a level 100 Almond Ebony dragoturkey will give 1000 Initiative + 300 vitality + 70 Agility
    • Ginger - 300 vitality + 50 heals & Golden - 300 vitality + 2 summons. Upon breeding these two together,  a level 100 Golden Ginger dragoturkey will give 35 Heals + 300 Vitality + 1 Summon
  • Emerald Dragoturkey no longer gives an MP, but gives Critical % 12 (8% when hybrids)
  • Emerald Ivory - 300 vitality + 8% Crit + 50 Power

Seemyools also face some adjustments:
  • the resistance % has been reduced - from 22% to 16% (11% to 8% on hybrids)
  • AP and MP resistance have been increased from 30 to 40 (20 to 30 on hybrids)

New mount 

It is to be considered end-game content for when you finish breeding dragoturkeys and seemyools, and are looking for a tougher challenge.

(Some design details of the new mount's in-game sprite are still being worked on. Left: chameleon. Right: Harness)

  • 124 breeds (including wilds)
  • 10 Generations
  • 4 wilds:
    • Ebony - can be found in a Divine Dimension.
    • Indigo - can be found Island of Frigost (including the Submerged area).
    • Orchid - can be found in Pandala (excluding Conquest Villages).
    • Crimson - can be found on Otomai Island.
  • Respawn of 24h. And since they spawn alone, and not into an existing mob, they occupy a mob "spot" on a map.
  • The capture can be done solo, as long as you have a capturing net equipped. You can capture mounts with a mount equipped. (The mount slot no longer needs to be free in order to capture a mount).
  • Added 4 additional colours on top of those seen in Dragoturkeys and Seemyools.
  • They have a maximum of 2 Reproductions + Genetic collision system, just like seemyools.
  • There will be no achievements for the capture of Wilds.