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From today until June 11 inclusive, a new ceremonial set is poking its little cawwot-colored tail into your shop. "Lagomorph" is not an insult, not even the name of a sluggish new creature. It's a suit that'll give you an air of a wabbit en route to other Krosmic lands!


The Lagomorph set combines wabbit gentleness with the resistance of Twelvian technology. If its seductive cloak revealing an adorable little cottontail risks attracting tiwabbit wosungwees, its metal headgear will protect you from wewe-wabbit bites or any other ferocious creatures.

In summary, if you play your cards right, you might just keep you head on your shoulders!

From today until June 11 inclusive, get a new Lagomorph ceremonial set* for free when you purchase a pack of 11,000 ogrines or more.

Ready to turn into wabbit 2.0?


* Ceremonial items lend their appearance to the items over which they are worn, without modifying the items' characteristics.