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Treasure hunt in Junssidor! For the sixth stage of the 12 Labors of Hyrkul, it's time to drop! No, not sending the gobbowl ball between the two posts, dropping chests during the treasure hunt. Come join us from Friday, June 15th, to Sunday, June 17th!


The 12 Labors of Hyrkul, a dodecadantean contest on the way to title of best server 2018 comes at the halfway point. Your eyes are glimmering like the sun during an approaching solstice or like... chests full of treasure! Yes, that's what it's all about: go treasure hunting and drop as many chests as you can!

Careful, though, the difficulty of the hunt will depend on the number of points earned:

Insignificant Chest: 1 point
Rusty Chest: 2 points
Intriguing Chest: 3 points
Surprising Chest: 4 points
Solid Chest: 5 points
Heavy Chest: 6 points
Sparkling Chest: 7 points
Imposing Chest: 8 points
Impressive Chest: 9 points
Superior Chest: 10 points
Scores will be calculated based on the servers' active population during the period.

Hoping your server can claim victory? Then, show us what you're made of! Join us from Friday, June 15th (12:01 AM), to Sunday, June 17th (11:59 PM)!


At the end of the challenge, winnings will be distributed as server-wide rewards (handed out on specific dates depending on the rankings), and as points in the overall rankings.


The number of chests obtained during future treasure hunts will be doubled as follows:
  • June 22-24 for the server in 1st place
  • June 23 and 24 for the server in 2nd place
  • June 23 for the server in 3rd place


At the end of the challenge, all the servers will receive points as follows:

  • 16 points for the server in 1st place,
  • 15 points for the server in 2nd place,
  • 14 points for the server in 3rd place,

and so on, down to 1 point for the server in 16th place.

Specific Servers 

If the Heroic, Epic and Single-Account servers reach the top 5 in this challenge, they'll receive the same bonus as the server in 1st place.

Overall rankings

With the lead they've built from previous competitions, the trio of Julith, Ush and Brumen are still at the top of the overall rankings, in spite of a poor performance on the harvesting challenge. Result: In the overall rankings, the gap in points with the rest of the pack has shrunken significantly. At the top of the rankings, Julith played its cards right during the last challenge in the battle with server Ush to stake out 1st place.
Server Ilyzaelle climbed back up in style to grab 4th place in the overall rankings, while Meriana and Merkator fell hard.

This challenge has proved that nothing is set in stone, so we're already expecting more ups and downs in the challenges to come!

  • 1st Julith – 76 points (=)
  • 2nd Ush – 70 points (=)
  • 3rd Brumen – 68 points (=)
  • 4th Ilyzaelle – 51 points (+4)
  • 5th Pandore – 50 points (-1)
  • 5th Echo – 50 points (+2)
  • 7th Nidas – 47 points (-2)
  • 8th Ombre – 45 points (+1)
  • 9th Crocabulia – 42 points (+1)
  • 10th Meriana – 41 points (-5)
  • 11th Agride – 33 points (+2)
  • 12th Furye – 32 points (=)
  • 13th Merkator – 30 points (-2)
  • 14th Rubilax – 23 points (=)
  • 15th Atcham – 12 points (=)
  • 16th Oto Mustam – 10 points (=)