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The investigation is making progress! But this is no time to lose focus! Fax Mystheur and Nada Skelet, the two renowned agents at the Federal Bureau of Anomalies, still need you. You'll now need to gather as many witness statements as possible to produce a photofit of a presumed perpetrator…

Dear Twelvians,

Good news: Thanks to you, we've moved up a gear and are hot on the trail! A suspicious individual was spotted in the vicinity of Otomai's Bank a few days before the heinous theft. Our Twelvian seemed anxious and couldn't stop turning around to check he wasn't being watched. A crazed look, sweat trickling down his forehead… People from the World of Twelve with the best memories for faces are on the case. Join them!

There must be some witnesses who remember having seen this individual lurking in the area! Question them in order to collect as many clues as possible, allowing you to produce a photofit of the suspect.

The FBA is counting on you.


So, to your styluses, paintbrushes, felt tips, watercolours, and even your Skinator!


The person who posts the first closest resembling photofit will take away a Paint emote. For the slower ones, a jury will choose the most faithful representation and will give the same emote to the lucky one.

You should, of course, note that your post must not be modified in the meantime!

You have until 4 p.m. (CEST) on Monday, July 16 to take part.

Good luck!