Getting on your mount and advancing at all costs, sweating blood to reach the next step… then setting off again, trying to conquer a new victory: In August, participate in a great race that will take you across the lands of the World of Twelve, dungeon by dungeon!

You've been training all year, month after month, Dungeon Rusher after Dungeon Rusher. But this DR World Tour is a completely different ballgame! A dozen dungeons will await you for almost a month: It's time to change gear and step on the gas!

Complete them one after another, reaping glory and rewards: But to do so, you'll need to give it your all!

While waiting for further information, make sure you take note of the following points:

  • The shield will not be dropped, but rather obtained as a quest reward, activated by the NPC that lets you access the dungeon; consequently, the shield can only be obtained once per character.
  • The dungeons will be activated one after another, a few days apart; in order not to prejudice those who join along the way, they will then remain open until the end of the DRWT. You can, therefore, do them in reverse if you like, but in any case, there's a chance you'll end up on your hands and knees, exhausted like a Gobball that's just groomed itself!

See you next Wednesday, August 1st, to find out everything about this Dungeon Rusher World Tour that's going to make a mockery of other sports competitions!