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What a twist! Contrary to what the video – decoded thanks to your research – suggested, the brains behind the heist at Otomai's Bank don't consist of just three accomplices! Nothing gets by the investigators at the Federal Bureau of Anomalies, but they can't be everywhere at once! They're calling upon you again.

Nada Skelet and Fax Mystheur have a new message for adventurers who have decided to unravel the mystery of this unusual bank robbery.

Dear Twelvians,

Firstly, please accept our congratulations for the results you've already achieved. But we're still a long way off identifying the brains behind the operation! Especially as the leads are multiplying: We've discovered the hideouts of several individuals who are clearly involved in the robbery! So, there are more conspirators than we thought.

Once more, the tasks need to be split. Thanks to your interrogation with Walt Apain, we've found the boat we suspected the crooks of having used; our hunch was correct! While searching it, we uncovered what looks like a logbook.

Your mission is simple: Examine the document and follow the trail it reveals to you.

Get to it!

Keep unscrambling the maze that will, sooner or later, allow you to complete the investigation. Your efforts will be rewarded appropriately: You could win 10 Decoded Corsets, as well as a 1-year, 10-year, or even lifetime subscription to the DOFUS MMO!