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Behind this unpronounceable abbreviation (meaning it's not an acronym) lies the Dungeon Rusher World Tour: a race from dungeon to dungeon across the World of Twelve! Be sure to get a good night's sleep, because tomorrow the starter will be kicking off the first stage. Instead of bouquets at the finish line, there'll be shields and an exclusive title!

Those who closely read the event announcement may have already guessed: The race will start with the Gobball Dungeon! Be there tomorrow for your first boss and your first shield!

The DRWT will next take you to the Kickroach Dungeon on Saturday, August 4, and then you'll continue on to the Mantiscore Dungeon on Monday the 6th.

After that, you'll get a well-earned rest while waiting to discover where the course leads next.

Completing each stage will, of course, land you the coveted shield, and the ultimate winner of the race will receive, in place of a trophy, an exclusive title!


  1. I've already got some of the shields from previous Dungeon Rushers. How will it work for me?
    DWRT will gift you each dungeon's shield... but also a special reward for completing them all. We agree the that the shield may seem "useless" for your character unless you still need a particular one (you can't even sell it), but if you don't complete the selected dungeon, you won't be able to validate the related quest, and the system won't select you as someone to reward with the exclusive title! That's it, the extra prize for completing the DRWT will be received by people who complete the 12 steps of this event (previously completed dungeons do not count as they will not award you their shields during a DR event). In other words... it's up to you to decide if you want to run for the title or only for the shield that you want.
  2. If the prize is linked to a quest, what shall I do to activate it?
    Nothing at all! The quest will be automatically triggered when opening the dungeon's door. The process is "transparent" for you, but you can see the active quest in your quest log. Once you complete the dungeon, the quest will be validated, and the shield will directly go to your inventory.
  3. Can I replay the dungeon different times?
    About the DRWT, each character can only validate his quest once. This means you can run the dungeon as many times as you want until completion (it won't affect the reception of the shield once the dungeon is validated). But if you want several shields (one for each one of your characters, for example), then you need to complete the dungeon with each one of those characters.
  4. Talking about quests... are this events' quests part of the achievements?
    Yes, they are! Enjoy!
  5. What is this strange rune I've received from the boss and why isn't it working?
    It's a magical rune that will teleport you (only once) in front of the next dungeon's door. The rune will be consumed after use, we've made it "to not work" unless the next dungeon's quest is active, so you can't waste it unwillingly. We hope that you will enjoy this little useful tool.