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After the robbery of Otomai's bank, the Bureau of Not Very Cold Cases now has its eye on several suspects. Your investigating has paid off, but one question remains: How do the thieves plan to get off the island? It's time to start theorizing: That's your cue!

Fax Mystheur and Nada Skelet are here to give you an update.

Dear Twelvians,

We've made a lot of progress using your input, and as we said before, we know the robbers did arrive by sea.
Now we have another puzzle to solve: How do they plan on leaving the island? They must have known the authorities would take action, and so they must have a plan, especially as most of the entryways into Otomai are blocked by the Huppermages, what could this plan be?
That is the question you must answer. It's no longer a matter of investigating, but rather using your imagination to develop theories.
Do what any good detective would: Put yourself in the robbers' shoes and consider what you would do.


For this next stage of the investigation, post your theory as a reply in the comments section of this news.

The authors of the three theories judged to be the funniest and wackiest will win an Oafblocke Shield.

You have until Friday, August 10 at 9 a.m. CEST to post your theory.

Only one entry per person is allowed.


Remember that those who manage to identify the brains behind the operation at the end of the investigation will have the chance to take part in a drawing to win a lifetime subscription, a 10-year subscription, a 1-year subscription, and 10 Decoded Corsets.