The ones responsible for the Otomai bank robbery are very probably going to try to escape through the tunnels. At least that's what the Bureau of Not Very Cold Cases believes. They have enough clues to set you on the trail of a boss, if not THE boss.

Fax Mystheur is calling once again on adventurers in search of the truth and glory.

Dear Twelvians,

Today, I'm calling upon your powers of deduction. We are now certain that the scoundrels are planning on using the tunnels to escape from the bank. And we're certain of something else, too: they're not tunnelling out of there with their fingernails! They're going to need some equipment, and we're sure you can imagine the sort of thing they'll be looking for. You should be able to deduce the identity of the person best placed to get in there just as easily: identify them and fight them in their dungeon!

It's up to you!

Nada Skelett would also like to clarify a point here:

The World of Twelve is a world of magic and illusion. Appearances are sometimes deceiving. Don't allow yourselves to be manipulated. Think things through and ask yourself who's really pulling the strings.

Good luck!

That's about it. Adventurers, on your marks!



Remember that those who manage to identify the brains behind the operation at the end of the investigation will have the chance to take part in a draw to win a lifetime subscription, a 10-year subscription, a 1-year subscription, and 10 Decoded Corsets.