The number of Dungeon Rusher World Tour participants has grown and now has six dungeons under its belt. But the race isn't over yet! Coming up are postcard-worthy sceneries, creepy tunnels, and scorched lands! The shields are stacking up and the exclusive end-of-the-race title is within sight…

From midnight on the night of Wednesday to Thursday (CEST), all night owls, early birds and insomniacs have a date to tackle the seventh stage of the DRWT – destination: Tanukouï San dungeon. Along the exotic Pandala Island coastline, we're going to have to beware of spectators gathered along the way, especially drunk Pandawas who can be… somewhat aggressive.

There'll be a change of scenery at midnight on Saturday, August 18 (CEST): after the sunny coastline, we're headed to the tunnels that will take the competitors to Krismahlo Island! They will emerge into a hostile territory in which Dramak awaits... on center stage!

After the tunnels… the cave! Monday, August 20 at midnight (CEST), the bulk of the pack will cross the arid lands surrounding Gisgoul to reach Bworker's Cave and, for some, this may be their last lap. Others will leave with the coveted shield and get themselves ready for the home stretch.

Remember that in the end, any adventurer who has defeated all the bosses will receive an exclusive title!

Technical details

The DRWT follows special rules.

  • Unlike in classic Dungeon Rushers, the shield will be obtained as a quest reward. It will be automatically activated via the NPC who grants access to the dungeon. Since the shield is linked to a quest, it will only be obtainable once per character.
  • The quests will be unlocked automatically at midnight CEST on the day announced, or 10:00 p.m. UTC the day before.
  • Once unlocked, all the quests will remain available until the event ends.