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Notice to shipwreckers of all kinds: You have until 9:00 a.m. CEST on Monday, September 17 to try and win our loot. To find out where, when, and how, keep reading, you scoundrels…

Ah, every time we talk about hoards, ruffians show up in their dozens, as if grub bell just rang! Never mind… Pin back your ears – or rather, adjust your binoculars – because here's the pirate code:

  1. Using our integrated screenshot system, produce a screenshot of your character dressed up like a true buccaneer. (For those of you who don't cotton on to a thing I'm jabbering, set sail for the tutorial).

You may produce your screenshot on the beta server.

Careful, though! There must be none of the interface in your screenshot, bilge rat! Try to make it look good and rich for once.

  1. Post your image in the comments.

With a title and a few words if it makes you happy, and… that's it! No retouching, or you'll feel the Bow Meow o' nine tails on you!

  1. Now all you need to do is wait for the results, me hearties!

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Respect the instructions above (real pirates respect the code to the letter… or add some here and there, just to sows the seeds of doubt).
  • Respect the pirate theme (well, yes, if you screenshot yourself as a princess, you'll end up in the brig, you rapscallion).
  • Decor (I told you to make yourself look good…).
  • Originality of the outfit (for that, I'll let you captivate us with your creativity).
  • Relevance of the title (yes, it makes a difference – if you call it "Isometric Pirate", I'd be a little disappointed…).
  • General harmony (arrrr, like how the six Primordial Dofus bring harmony to the World of Twelve).

Any questions?

Well, what?

Oh, yes!

You're not going to do it just for glory, you picaroon! I imagine it's greed that lures you…


1st place: Pirate Set + Pirate Haven Bag + Pirate Seemyool Harness

2nd place: Pirate Set + Pirate Seemyool Harness
3rd place: Pirate Set

What's more, this'll be great practice for the Miss and Mister World of Twelve competition that's drawing nearer by the day…

Are you still 'ere?

Go on! Get ready to board, brethren of the coast! Hoist the sails and… dress like a pirate!

Signed: An Anonymous Pirate.