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The very first season of the Kolossium League is starting on September 25. Get ready!

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The first season of the Kolossium Leagues will be launched a few days after the update, giving the matchmaking system enough time to calibrate itself optimally, and so we can offer you the best in-game experience possible right from the start!

When the update is released, your Kolossium rating will be reset depending on the character's level. Rating points earned between the update's release and the start of the season will not be lost, but will allow you to improve your initial rating on day 1.

At the start of the season on the 25th, 10 placement matches will be necessary to determine the minimum league you will be placed in. You will only be able to advance from that point; up to you to gather in victories and make your league points evolve! Through dedication and relentlessness, you will meet up with the best in Legendary League.

These few extra days will also allow you to fine-tune your techniques and to become familiar with the new balance adjustments and pets. Smith your gear, polish your strategy and challenge the best pvp players of the World of Twelve in the Legendary League!