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Elected sexiest pirate of the year by Glamumussel Magazine, Buck Anear knows how to unleash passions. Both adored and feared, his double-edged personality (like his blade) is the subject of much curiosity. Today, he opens up in an exclusive and touching interview about his life as a pirate, which hasn't always been fair winds and following seas…

In the shadows, we can just make out his imposing figure. Even though he's now just the shadow of himself, Buck Anear hasn't said his last word, far from it! This old Sea Boowolf has granted us an exceptional interview. We're here with him, all ectoplasm and bone, in the hold of his ship where he spends his days waiting to give visitors who want to quench their thirst for answers a warm welcome…

"Hello, Buck. Thank you for agreeing to talk with us today about…"

"Raul Mops be harpooned! Can't even get any peace dead! Take a seat, but don't touch my rum!"
"Um, okay. I'll just sit here on this… uh… this skull… One of your victims, I suppose?"
"No, no. That's Sweetums. My pet Plop. I never could bring myself to bury him… Not all pirates are heartless, you know!"

Buck Anear starts sobbing under the embarrassed gaze of his "guest".

"Of course… Buck, tell us about your best memory as the greatest pirate in the World of Twelve!"
One day, I helped Sea Chafer save Kideebom, the Mini Inuits' whale. It's the only time I've ever cried in my life… Well, then, and when I lost Sweetums…"

Buck Anear stifles another sob, then blows his nose loudly in the pirate flag he's wearing.

"Yes, well… Now let's talk about the tragic mutiny episode you were subjected to off the Frigostian coast. You had just pillaged one of Count Harebourg's ships, is that right? What was it called again…?"
"That miserable Harebourg Pearl? Don't mention it! It drove my crew crazy! They say it's because of Dethoama, the Meridia of Mutiny. Just wait until I get my hands on her…"
"There were reports of a disagreement over splitting the spoils. Was that the case?"
"Pfff! Yes, well, maybe I did keep a few more kamas for myself. But then, I was the captain after all, right? And I know those Kralove rejects! They'd have wasted it all on rum! It was for their own good…"
"So, you… What did you do with it all?"
"I… I spent it all on super growth kibble for Sweetums…"

Buck Anear takes a huge gulp of rum, lips trembling and eyes damp.

"There, there, Buck. We're sure Sweetums had a wonderful life. Thank you for these, uh, shattering revelations."

This interview has revealed a still little-known side of Buck Anear, a tenderhearted man that you want to affectionately call "Sweetums". In any case, there's no guarantee that he'll show you that the side of his personality when you board his ship to have a go at his hook! Give it a try, just to see…