Simply put: you weren't satisfied with the first initiative, and neither were we; we want to improve and start over. Communication is a two-way street. Instead of dropping this idea or coming up with another communication concept, how about we give it a go at improving things, together? Let's work with each other and ensure the process is simple, easy to use, and of added value to the community. Are you in? ;)

What was the Ask Ankama initiative again?

"Therefore we would like to offer you a monthly Q&A session to improve this communication and to also make the information more visible for all to see instead of being spread out on the forums. "  - 30th of January

Originally set up as a thread where players would post their questions as replies, Ask Ankama relied on the CM team to gather and evaluate each question to subsequently pass them on to the relevant Dofus team for answers. It started as a monthly publication for five questions and answers, but it then evolved into a weekly publication of 1 question and answer.


Why the change?

The set up wasn't structured enough to serve you as well as it should. 
  1. Multiple questions in one post. 
  2. Repetition of questions.
  3. Questions were chosen by Ankama without much focus on community interest.
  4. Global questions - chosen ones were at times deemed unimportant/irrelevant for some communities.
  5. Personal opinions/feedback comments among the questions. 

What will change?

  1. A dedicated forum section for the initiative.
    • Information - This section will be used for our "official BETA initiative communication" and will serve as an "FYI" section.
    • Questions - Where you will write up your questions and upvote other people's questions you deem important.
    • Answers - Repertoire of answered questions.
    • Bug Reporting - If you are not able to participate in the initiative, please revert to this sub-forum. 
    • Remarks - Open discussion on the process: feedback, comments, suggestions.
    • [OLD]ASK Ankama - Where the previous editions of the initiative are archived.
  2. You will vote on community questions via an upvote-only system. There is no upvote limit.
  3. The system will require the authentication of accounts via mobile phone (anti-bot measure).
  4. Once a question has been answered, it will be moved to the "Answers" sub-forum.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, ...

As we carry on with the Q&A structure, we would like you to help us ensure the initiative works from a process and a technical point of view and, should there be any bugs, I would appreciate it if you would report them in the Bug Reporting section.

To participate, you will need to:
  1. Have a certified account linked to a mobile phone number.
  2. Have subscribed at least once to Dofus.  

Keep in mind, though ...

  • We aim to answer the most popular questions but be aware that the upvote system is not the only determining factor. Availability, uncertainty on our end (for example, regarding dates), research - to mention a few-, are all factors that we need to take into account before providing an answer. We want to give you definite, concrete answers and not just tick a box.
  • Considering we are test driving this revamp, the process might change. For this to work, everyone needs to respect the rules.
Any behaviour that could be deemed detrimental and of no added value to this Q&A initiative will not be tolerated and could also have severe consequences for the project itself. So long as community members ask questions and provide feedback constructively and respectfully (while respecting the forum rules) there is nothing to worry about. ;)


As part of our initiative to improve communications with the players, we would like to develop the "Ask Ankama" project, with you. We have setup up this forum as a testing ground where we invite you to ask questions, upvotes other players' questions, report bugs/problems, and share your feedback and thoughts on the initiative.