Not feeling up to scratch? Don't think you're harnessing your full potential? We've got the solution for both! There's nothing to stop you honoring your annual meet-up with Jackpot the Ripper (and his gifts) and taking part in the flash sale on the Cryptic Seemyool Harness at the same time! It's happening between October 26 and 28.

The Al Howin festivities are continuing with Jackpot the Ripper, the scratch-card game that gives you a daily chance of winning one of the following prizes:

  • Praline Shigekax
  • Almond Shigekax
  • an item from the Magma Set (Magma Cloak or Magma Headgear)
  • a complete Magma Set
  • a two-day subscription token
  • a Sidimote Haven Bag
  • a Malicious Shield

Don't miss your daily ticket!

As for the Cryptic Seemyool Harness, perfectly suited to the period of Al Howin (and not by chance!), it's in a flash sale for 6,500 OG!

Two events, one weekend: from Friday, October 26 through Sunday, October 28 (11:59 p.m. Paris time)!