An inhospitable forest, a boss whose bag of tricks is full of ceremonial items, a showdown where allies become enemies, quests, achievements, and a new pack… Pull a face: You've been "Al Howinned"!

Al Howin has been extended until November 13! 

The Evil Forest… That is indeed where the aptly named Malice awaits you – she's the boss you'll need to defeat in order to get "Malician Badges" out of her. These will allow you to go to an NPC to buy ceremonial items: the Malicious Hat and the Malicious Cloak.

"Wow, too easy!"  Well yes, far too easy. Wait, you bought it? Hey, it IS Al Howin! You'll need to be in a group of at least four players to face her, and only the last survivor will pocket the rewards worthy of such a name! A small dose of treachery is highly recommended. Allies one day, allies… not always.

Remember, new quests and brand-new achievements making it possible to unlock a new ornament will spice up this already hot menu!

And the Al Howin pack…

From today until Tuesday, November 13 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), the Al Howin pack will be available (once per account) in the store for €7:

  • 2x7 subscription days
  • Ceremonial pet: Al Howin Borbat

Ready for the Evil Forest? A word of advice: Don't get stuck between the tree and the bark!