Perceptors are in the line of fire! Up next for this eleventh Labors of Hyrkul challenge is dropping maximum resources with Perceptors between November 16 and 18. But before launching the assault, a few words on the ultimate rewards: You have a say in the matter!

The 12 Labors of Hyrkul started last January, and since then you've had an opportunity to win server-wide bonuses every month. But the rewards don't stop there! We already unveiled the rewards promised to players on the server that comes out on top at the end of the 12 challenges: a double XP and double drop bonus weekend, an unlimited bunch of keys (including to dungeons in the divine dimensions), and… an exclusive ornament.

Until now, all players could get all the ornaments present in the game regardless of server if they completed the associated achievements. Upon reflection, we do not want ornaments to be obtained any other way.

But don't worry; we already have a new, much bigger reward planned to offer you instead of the ornament: a complete ceremonial set with headgear, cape, shield, and a new title!

Even though this reward will initially be exclusive to the server that wins the 12 Labors of Hyrkul, we'd like to give you a chance to win it, if you haven't already had the opportunity to do so, in future events. So (and since we don't yet know which server will win it), we'd like to invite you all to take part in the survey below to suggest the title you'd like to wear with this event!

Take part!

The conditions for getting these rewards as part of the 12 Labors of Hyrkul are still the same: Have an active subscriber account for more than 6 months of the current year on the server that wins the 12 Labors of Hyrkul.

We hope that this new reward lives up to your expectations!

"I've Got Resources!"

That said, let's get straight to the point and tackle those Perceptors head-on! They're the ones who'll be taking it on the chin in November. Goal: From Friday, November 16 (0:01 a.m. Paris time) to Sunday, Nov. 18 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), drop the most resources from Perceptors. In other words, show that you've got resources! 
The resources harvested once the challenge is launched will also be counted for Perceptors placed beforehand. 


At the end of the challenge, winnings will be distributed in server-wide rewards for the first three, and in points for the overall rankings.


For the three winners, the loot generated by Perceptors will be increased by 300% as follows:

November 23 to 25 for the server in 1st place

November 24 and 25 for the server in 2nd place

November 24 for the server in 3rd place


At the end of the challenge, all the servers will receive points, distributed as follows:

16 points for the server in 1st place,

15 points for the server in 2nd place,

14 points for the server in 3rd place,

And so on, down to 1 point for the server in 16th place.

- Specific Servers: If the Heroic, Epic, and Single-Account servers reach the top 5 in this challenge, they'll receive the same bonus as the server in 1st place.

Overall Rankings

Despite everything, Julith managed to keep its top spot in the general rankings, but showed that nothing's a done deal yet by marking much fewer points than its main competitors, Ush and Brumen, in the last challenge. Ilyzaelle continued its wonderful performance, and has never been closer to stepping on the podium. Also worth noting is Furye's rise in the general rankings, taking advantage of the meager results by Agride and Ombre in this challenge.

1st - Julith - 147 points (=)

2nd - Ush - 139 points (=)

3rd - Brumen - 131 points (=)

4th - Ilyzaelle - 124 points (=)

5th - Pandora - 101 points (+1)

6th - Echo - 100 points (-1)

7th - Meriana - 97 points (=)

8th - Nidas- 86 points (+1)

9th - Crocabulia- 82 points (-1)

10th - Furye - 73 points (+2)

11th - Shadow - 68 points (-1)

12th - Agride- 67 points (-1)

13th - Rubilax - 65 points (=)

14th- Merkator - 63 points (-1)

15th - Atcham - 51 points (=)

16th - Oto Mustam - 31 points (=)