Master of Dreams, Draconiros doesn't usually leave the heights of the Astral Plane to meddle in Twelvians' daily business. Except… Except that his dreams revealed the end of the World of Twelve and the death of dreamers, and the consequences would be dire! How can this be prevented? The answer is in your hands.

Who could ever have imagined that the Astral Plane – created by the dreams of Draconiros's father, the dragon Prysmaradoth – would one day disappear? And yet, Draconiros's dire vision heralded exactly that. The end of the World of Twelve would mean the end of dreamers, and thus the end of dreams and their dimension.

An unacceptable upset for this divine dragon and friend of Magus Ax! Draconiros has found a solution: the Well of Infinite Dreams, a collective dream that would outlast those who created it.

But its success depends on you…

The Call of Draconiros

It will all go down between November 13 and December 5 (the event will be activated in the afternoon), during an extraordinary odyssey that you will have to complete!

To discover the various stages in this odyssey, head to the Achievement interface and complete the assigned goals. By doing so, you can obtain Dream Reflections in the next update, scheduled for December 4. The November 9 devblog explains the principles – a valuable and crucial read!

What are these infamous goals?

  • Defeat dungeon keepers to start! Each victory earns you Dream Fragments.
  • Then, exchange these Dream Fragments with the NPCs, Gobl and Turbe at the Astrub Zaap for exclusive rewards:
    • a title to show everyone your accomplishments;
    • Rikoh, a ceremonial pet;
    • the mini-bosses' soul stones.
  • With the help of these soul stones, call mini-bosses to the arenas of Bonta or Brakmar and fight them again!
  • This will earn you dream coins that you can exchange later in the Infinite Dreams for Dream Reflections!

Win Dream Fragments

Defeating a dungeon keeper will win you a large number of Dream Fragments. You can fight the keeper again, but watch out: After your first victory, the winnings will drop considerably.

The good news is that every week (during the weekly maintenance on Tuesday mornings), the defeated boss counter will be reset and you can fight them again for the maximum reward, which will be added to your earlier winnings!

The earlier you start, the more victories you can get under your belt and the more rewards you can get to have a comfortable head start when the next update is launched!

Leaderboard and Other Rewards

That's already excellent, even essential, but it's not all. Because winning is good, but it's even better when everyone knows about it! A specific leaderboard will therefore be set up. It's up to you to do your utmost to climb to the top and receive additional rewards: titles and subscriptions!

Here are all the rewards that will be handed out based on the leaderboard:

  • The 1st player from each server will receive three 7-day subscription tokens.
  • The 2nd player from each server will receive two 7-day subscription tokens.
  • The 3rd player from each server will receive one 7-day subscription token.
  • The 4th to 10th players from each server will receive two 3-day subscription tokens.
  • In addition, the first 100 players from each server will receive an exclusive title.

Answering the Draconiros's call is both useful and indispensable. Don't wait a single minute!

Divine Ceremonial Set

The veil between the world of dreams and the world of the gods is barely as thick as a Kaliptus leaf. This event is a… dreamy opportunity to get your hands on the Divine ceremonial set, from November 13 to 18 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), which will come free with every subscription of one month or more.


The countdown has just begun… Get ready!