At the conclusion of the first round, all servers are represented by one male and one female character from each class. Now it's time to decide between them! Which will be the most beautiful representatives of their class across all servers? That's what the "Dungeonology" round will reveal, taking place from November 23 through 30.

Once the jury – made up of Ankama members – has done its job at the end of this second round, only one male and one female character from each class will still be in the running. The final round will reveal the future Miss and Mister World of Twelve 649 from among those who remain. The lucky winners will receive an exclusive title, a Kwismas pack, and an item of special ceremonial headgear.

But before that, it's Dungeonology time!


This time, it's all about using your appearance to pay tribute to your favorite boss. Keep the character and class you used for round No. 1, and create a made-to-measure skin!

The jury will evaluate them using the following criteria:

  • Compliance with instructions (format and absence of image editing, etc.),
  • Compliance with the theme,
  • Chosen scenery,
  • The originality of the outfit (Coulives being the easiest to mix and match),
  • Overall harmony.

Besides gaining access to the final stage of the competition, the winners will receive a Haven Bag of their choice and the exclusive title of "Incarnated Class 649".


  1. Take an in-game screenshot of your character minus the interfaces (Shift+F2). Make sure to use the same character, class, and account as you did in round 1! Be original and creative, and pay attention to the background and composition!  Warning: Beta screenshots are not allowed, and the image must be taken using our in-game screenshot tool and hosted on our servers. (Please see our tutorial here.)
  2. Make sure you submit your entry using the participating character's account.
  3. Only one participation per person will be accepted.
  4. Submit your participating image on the forum topic dedicated to this round before 9 a.m. (Paris time) on Friday, November 30, specifying the character's nickname, class, gender, and the Haven Bag you'd like to win if you're selected!

To your keyboards!