You've been waiting for the reopening… Well, it's here now, starting today in the beta! What's in your stockings this year? Kwismas Island and a slew of new features!

With 4 new quests and 3 new achievements, we'd say Kwismas has come early! It's all going down in the beta version of the next update. Starting today you can face off against new monsters, and run after a never-before-seen wandering boss. Get your hands on the boss and pray to Ecaflip for a chance to win a new ceremonial pet!

Speaking of ceremonies, get ready – there's a new ceremonial set in the game that you can craft!


Catch a Komet by the Tail

Recently escaped from Kwismas Island, this new pet is as fast as the wind and dazzles the eye. Find Komet in the shop starting today for a very limited time only – shooting stars don't last forever…

There's no time like the present to shoot for the stars! You'll need to buck up and catch this Komet by the tail to find out what this pet's made of!

Winter's coming… Komet will keep you company by the fire and break logs over your opponents' backs in fights – the perfect pet for the season!

From November 29 to December 3 (at 11:59 p.m. Paris time), Komet will be waiting for you in the shop.



After that, he'll disappear in the night, leaving behind a trail of stardust…