After the 2nd competition, we now have a male and female representative from each class. It's time to decide who best deserves the title of Miss and Mister World of Twelve for the year ahead. The lucky winners will receive an exclusive title, a Kwismas pack, and a ceremonial headgear.

This time, the Ankama jury won't be the only one deciding: once the candidates have submitted their entries, the community will be invited to vote for their favorite candidates. The average of these two rankings will determine the two winners!


Final: Come As You Are

For this last contest, all we're asking you to do is to be yourselves. Create the skin that you think suits you best and tell us your story. Be original and creative and don't forget to pay attention to the background and setting! You can add text, but it won't be taken into account by the jury. Make sure that your image is visually understandable without it. You can also use the in-game zoom to make your skin more visible.

Warning: Beta screenshots are not allowed. The image must be taken using our in-game screenshot tool and hosted on our servers. (Please see the tutorial here).

Then post the screenshot minus the interface (shift+F2) before Wednesday, December 12, at 9:00 a.m. (Paris time) on the corresponding forum topic specifying your nickname, class and gender.

Make sure you post your entry using the participating character's account and keep the class and gender of the character with whom you started the competition.

The jury will evaluate them using the following criteria:

  • compliance with the rules,
  • ​​​​​​compliance with the theme,
  • the background,
  • of the outfit and originality, and
  • overall harmony.
As Coulives are easier to mix and match, they aren't marked as highly.
It's the final stretch! Good luck!