The latest DOFUS update hit hard, with the highly anticipated arrival of the Ebony Dofus in the game. The news, which had as much effect as a Rogue bomb, was announced in a trailer, the music for which you can now find in Ankama's all-new SoundCloud platform! Find out more in the article below.

If the Ebony Dofus trailer gave you the shivers, it wasn't thanks to its stunning visuals and its tragically captivating story alone. No, all those emotions that took you on a roller coaster ride from joy to tears with a whirl through unbearable suspense along the way were also inspired by our official symphonic orchestra called the Ankama sound team! Armed with their stringed, key and brass instruments, they work in the shadows but are not any less crucial for all that. Admit it: Without any music, even the most moving or most dramatic of stories would be like a Gobball without any odor…

Today, thanks to Ankama's all-new SoundCloud, we're offering you the chance to enjoy, again and again, over and over, in the shower, on public transit or anywhere, the music that gave you goosebumps all over. For now, it contains the music from the Ebony Dofus and Infinite Dreams trailers. Other OSTs (the latest WAKFU update with the Nations revamp), both old and new (the King Crusher OST), will be added soon.

Head to the platform now!