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This year for the Thwee Kings Cake season, you'll receive lucky figurines! But they won't just fall into your lap: You'll have to earn them and then exchange them for an honorary title*! How do you earn them? It's a regular Game of Crowns!

You should have every chance to get some king cake. That's why, this year, the Thwee Kings Cake season will go from 12:01 a.m. in the morning of Sunday, January 6  to Sunday, January 20 at 11.59 p.m. CET! Work up an appetite with the Game of Crowns event.

During this time, you can fight the royal bosses in dungeons to methodically collect the lucky figurines they drop. The more lucky figurines you have, the nicer your title will be*: You might even become Kwing or Kween! Naturally, the harder the boss is, the more lucky figurines you'll collect. And everyone gets a chance, as these will drop off bosses of level 30, 80, 140, and 200!

Don't fall behind: Follow your progress based on the number of lucky figurines in your inventory, but also by checking the rankings to be posted on the website!

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We promised to whet your appetite. Well, there'll be an extra surprise in store for you starting on Sunday, January 6!

List of Bosses included in the Game of Crowns event

  • Royal Gobball
  • Kwakwa
  • Royal Coco Blop
  • Royal Morello Blop
  • Royal Indigo Blop
  • Royal Pippin Blop
  • Royal Blue Jelly
  • Royal Yellow Jelly
  • Royal Strawberry Jelly
  • Royal Mint Jelly
  • Wa Wabbit
  • Wa Wobot
  • Rac Queen
  • Royal Rainbow Blop
  • Fraktal
  • Royal Mastogob
  • Royal Tofu
  • Royal Pingwin
  • Tengu Snowfoux
  • Celestial Bearbarian
  • Dantinea
  • Dazahk Freezammer
  • Queen of Thieves
  • King Nidas

When fighting the Royal Rainbow Blop, you will face the 4 other royal blops. As these are not the Dungeon Keepers of that particular combat, you will only get the drop from Royal Rainbow Blop. 
For the Jellith dimension, you will get the drops from just one royal, regardless of the number of royals you face in the last room of the dungeon.


  • Epiphony 649 - 168 figurines
  • Lucky-Charm Collector 649 - 504 figurines
  • Kwing/Kween for a Day 649 (subject to possible changes) - 1008 figurines
* The titles will be added to the game the week after the event.