Kwismas is the season of giving and we (the CM team) would also like to give you something and celebrate with you the festive period.

We'll go right to it: we will draw one Kwismas pack* per community to give to one of you, for free.

Wanna be eligible to win this pack? Participating in this event couldn't be simpler: reply to this post and share a screenshot of how you will enjoy yourself on Dofus during the festivities.

  • Have fun!
  • Be respectful of the rules and of others.
  • Show us your Kwismas spirit, but don't worry: your screenshot doesn't have to be taken on Kwismas Island! Each person can celebrate the festivities wherever they want on the World of Twelve.
  • Be a member of this community.
  • You can ask your friends to be part of your screenshot, but the prize will be given to the account submitting the participation.
  • One participation per person and no group participations allowed.
  • Be mindful of the account you participate with since these gifts link to the account that wins.
  • Beta screenshots are welcome.

You have until December 24th at 2 p.m. CET to submit your screenshot.
From all the participations that respect these rules, we will draw one lucky winner per community, who will receive the Kwismas pack on Monday. 
We look forward to seeing your participations <3
* The Kwismas pack includes:
  • 15-day subscription
  • 6,000 OG
  • 1 colorable ceremonial petsmount
  • 10 Kwismas pet mystery boxes
  • the New Life bundle