How does a weekend on the outskirts of Feudala sound? Sounds good? Then head to the Firefoux Dungeon for a brand new Dungeon Rusher! From Friday, January 25 (4:01 p.m. CET) to Monday, January 28 (8:59 a.m. CET), overcome the boss's resistances and head home with the Peki Peki shield!

Don't tell Peki Peki not to shove Mammy into the nettles – he tends to do the opposite of what you say! This Bow Wow loves making your life difficult and causing trouble for you... probably to live up to his name. It might be best to nab him after dinner, when he's a bit… weighed down by digestion.

From Friday, January 25 (at 4:01 p.m.*) through Monday, January 28 (at 8:59 a.m.*), defeat Peki Peki in his dungeon and win a Peki Peki shield!


  • The shield will be dropped directly by the boss.
  • The boss must be killed in their dungeon; monsters killed in arenas don't count.
  • Drops are limited to one shield per character, but the shield will be linked to the account.

* Paris time.