In a land far far away, the new year is about to be celebrated. Pandawas really really like this land, so they're inviting you to celebrate the event! They're promising to give out very special fortune cookies and that it'll be bamboozlingly fun!

It's all going down in Pandala from Tuesday, February 5 to Tuesday, February 19. But you can imagine, these cookies, which will give you Intelligence, Strength, Agility, and Chance (no less!), aren't going to sit quietly at a buffet and wait for you to come serve yourself! You'll have to get a move on and smash up a few monsters, and choosing them wasn't done at random…

Go track them down and politely ask them to give you the famous biscuits. In theory, it'll never work. So opt for a more radical approach, or a more Ioppish one – hit them and they'll drop Fortunawa cookies and Fortunawaduo cookies!

Your playmates? Lousy pigs, Porcos, and the Dragon Pig… (Other Pandala monsters will only drop Fortunawa cookies!)


According to tradition, each of these cookies contains a quote corresponding to a bonus. Each Fortunawa cookie thus gives you a bonus in one of the stats mentioned above.

As for Fortunawaduo cookies – as their name suggests – they grant you a combination of two bonuses!

You can then use these bonuses in combat,* in exchange for Vitality.

Since Pandawas love a good party, they won't stop there. Pandala dungeon bosses and the Dragon Pig will additionally be able to drop a ceremonial pet in the colors of the event!

Put simply, until Tuesday, February 19 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), get ready… to savor!

The Monkiki'Ng Set

And while you're at it, you may as well play the whole thing out by wearing the outfit tailored for the new year! Let's not beat around the bamboo: The colorable Monkiki'Ng set, perfect for giving a shout-out to Pandawas, is available until Sunday, February 10 (11:59 p.m. Paris time)! You'll find it in the store for just 8,000 OG, or €10!

* Effects will be inactive in PvP.