Every year, it's the same old song: couples get together (or back together just for the week); and singles feel the pressure (or stock up and lock themselves away). What is sure is that, just like Kwismas, Fleaster and Al Howin, everyone loves Saint Ballotwine!

The World of Twelve is full of love stories, some romantic and some tragic. The poem below tells one of those stories. But before you pull out your Kleenex and chocolate ice cream (to be eaten straight from the tub with a big spoon, as tradition dictates), know that this year Saint Ballotwine will run from Monday, February 14 until Tuesday morning's weekly maintenance on February 19.


In the nebulous and cloud-filled skies,

The Dragon mourned her absent eyes.

The infinite limbo of his unsettled mind

Made peace in this existence impossible to find.


Where had she gone, his heartthrob?

What abyssal pit clouded her in fog?

Must he for all eternity bear witness

That love had faded with his mistress.


Yes, indeed, he was filled with guilt,

Altered memories like a patchwork quilt.

Always waking to the same feeling,

Vanished memories leaving him reeling.


Deep down he knew what was lurking there,

An incomplete love like a rabbit in a snare.

Out of sight, an empty heart, abandoned hope…

Yet a cry in the dark, like a gyroscope.


Only time would ease the Dragon's strain,

And silence the sound of torment's refrain.

Love in all its splendor is never vain,

And sacrifice can ease its pain.


So…? Do you know which dragon it is and what tragic love story is being told in the poem? Who among you possesses the nostalgia-tinged Dofus connected to this story?

If you've guessed the answers, let us know in the comments!

And, whether you guessed or not, here's what's waiting for you during the Saint Ballotwine celebrations:

  • Exclusive quests in conjunction with love-struck Pink Gobballs.
  • An Almanax bonus: All characters who come down with a case of Chrocrosis will see their experience gains increased by 100% in fights against monsters.
  • A Saint Ballotwine or Princess haven-bag in the shop: €4 or 3,500 OG from February 14 to 17 (11:59 p.m. Paris time).


Happy Saint Ballotwine!

"Saint Ballotwine" haven bag
"Princess" haven bag