Tick-tock… Click-clack! Tick-tock… Take that! Combats follow one after the other, each more different than the last, on the Temporis servers. At the same time, the rewards are piling up and, rightly, you've made a few comments on this subject. Consultations done, the response is now!

A Choice of Rewards!

While the new rewards introduced recently seemed more like a fly in the ointment than the bee's knees to some of you, they sure did get people talking. In order to satisfy as many players as possible, we are therefore going to keep these insectoid items and pets, but you'll also have a choice of other rewards. Which ones? That's up to you to decide!

Survey Closed!


Optimizing Resource Drops and Achievements

We've also noted your feedback on the resources dropped directly by monsters that you feel are too low right now, and the Temporis-specific achievements that you find too difficult to obtain because of how difficult the server is.

Our desire is obviously to strike the right balance between fairly rewarding our players' accomplishments and ensuring that taking home all the achievements and items to obtain from monsters isn't something just anyone can do effortlessly. They all, and in particular the achievements, showcase players' efforts and talents.

However, we also want this limited-time adventure to be a thrill, and it seems important to better trace our path! We are therefore going to add intermediary achievements to make progress on the Temporis servers more dynamic and thus make certain rewards more accessible.

More popular rewards accessible to more players… It's time to kick Temporis II into high gear!