In response to your feedback on the rewards linked to Temporis II, we held a poll to find out what you'd like. The results are in: with 42% of the votes, the theme that came in first was (drum roll) Nox! Here's a glimpse of what'll be waiting for you soon in the game.

Some 11,500 players shared their opinions on the graphic aspects of the rewards to win in the Temporis servers, and the Master of Time – naturally – won the majority of votes! We're delighted that you like these new themes, and we'd like to thank you for your enthusiasm!

So, this is the theme that will be produced in different forms: set, Dragoturkey harness, Seemyool harness, Rhineetle harness, ceremonial pet, and ceremonial petsmount!

Very soon, these new rewards will be among the options offered alongside the "insectoid" items for you to choose from in exchange for your tempokens. Near the end of Temporis II, an NPC will let players who have already collected rewards trade them if they wish.

Rare Drops

With 30% of votes, the aquatic theme came in second. We also took that into account. With the next update, you'll find various items with this theme as rare drops!


After walking this bit of the road with you, we'll leave you now to enjoy the challenges in Temporis II!

Note: We are still working on the Nox themed reward elements, hence why we aren't able to show you all the themed visual elements (like the set, as an example) just yet. On the other hand, we didn't want to keep you waiting and just announce the results. Once they are finished, we will share them with you. The same goes for the aquatic theme, of course!