We've already mentioned the arrival of a new narrative arc in the Krosmoz. Now it's time to tell you more about it!

Big fans of the Krosmoz universe, who support – and put up with ;) – us day after day, already know that every year, the team wants to develop a theme that echoes throughout our games, animated series, and graphic novels.

Last year, we were talking about the reunification of the Dofus; in 2013 (already) we celebrated the arrival of Sidekicks and Multimen; in 2010-2011, the Rogues and Masqueraiders made it into our MMOs and graphic novels, and Remington even gave himself permission to tease Evangelyne in a few episodes of the series Wakfu…

Every year, we try to create a guiding narrative thread. We see each new theme as a new stone in the edifice of this epic odyssey that you are a part of.

We must admit that, while some themes were clear successes, others were more complicated to put in place – largely due to the deadlines we set for ourselves, the updates (especially the year-end updates) that can sometimes leave us running on empty and dry up our creative juices for a few months, etc.

The reason we're checking in with you today, in particular, is to explain that we're going to change, exceptionally, our way of doing things. We announced that we want to evolve how we communicate with you by listening to you more. For that to work properly, we need to ease up some of the pressure on the themes.

We want to take the time to talk with you and give our stories time to grow naturally.

Our new theme will echo throughout all our projects. Our goal is to plunge you into an adventure that is even more epic than any we've told up to now. And for this epic adventure to take on all the magnitude and meaning it deserves, we're going to let it develop over several years.

ELIOCALYPSE is the title of the theme that will develop over the next three years in all our games and Krosmoz-related media. We'll let you speculate at your leisure about what that could imply.

It will unfold over three chapters (one per year). This year, therefore, you'll encounter the first chapter: "Resonances".

We're eager to share this new adventure with you as it starts to unfold gradually with the next update in DOFUS and mid-year in WAKFU!